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Hi guys, im thinking about a trip targetting hairtail next week sometime, and was wondering if i should bother?

Ive only read of one being caught this year? anything else biting in Jerusalem bay?

also which is the best ramp to launch a half cab with a lowered car? im thinking akuna bay?

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Akuna has a steep bend dropping to the water

do u mean the edge? ive used this ramp in the past, but with a 4x4. Can remember if it is doable with a very low sedan.

parsley bay is a good ramp, but don't trust leaving the car there at those hours of the night/morning.

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there are plenty of hairtail around mate, we got some a couple weeks back and a couple of blokes i spoke to at the local brained them last weekend in a 3hr session.

go have a crack mate. you wont catch them at home thats for sure.

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