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Broken Bay / Ettalong 13/7/09


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It's been a few months since I've been out. Had today off work so we've been up at Umina for the long weekend. Managed to get theboat out this morning.

I normally drift for flatties but couldn't get any poddies in the creek I usually pick them up from. So I had to try something a bit different.

Put in around 7 and headed out to Iron ladders (I think that what it's called) and picked up a few yakkas. Ventured a bit further out along the headland in my 12 foot tinny, anchored up and put out a bit of berley. Threw a yakka out on a heavy line and had strips out on another line and chicken on a third. Spent about an hour there only to pull in half a dozen of the biggest yellowtail I've ever seen and a couple of rubbish fish.

Headed back in to Lobster beach and drifted around there and picked up a 30cm bream on chicken. It was pretty quiet so went to my usual haunt and drifted around Ettalong looking for my flatties. Managed a 45cm Model, also on the chook. About to pack up and the live yakka started to move around a bit. Pulled him in a foul hooked a squid.

So enough for Entree and main for myself and my wife, but the kids will have to have sasuages.....

Coming up again for the second week of school hols so hope to get out again next week.


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