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Hello Fishraiders & Sydney Land-based


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Hello All,

I'm fairly new to fishing and confess I've spent more hours reading up on this site than out there fishing! So more of a 'hello' than a true report.

I can report that for the inexperienced land based fisherman things over the last few weeks have been a little cold, a little slow but still very enjoyable. Aside from a couple of trips away late in Summer to Bermagui and Sussex Inlet where I got into a few fish (probably spoilt myself as an introduction to fishing), my recent fishing around home has been restricted to Clifton Gardens and La Parouse. Have been eyeing off Maroubra Beach and thinking of a Northern Beaches trip one night to try my luck with a beach rig also. Also pretty keen to go out on a charter sometime soon.

The best night I've had was last week when I managed to jig a couple of squid - highly impressed as they were all at once my first and second squids ever, caught with the first and second casts of the first squid jig I've bought (that day even..)

Since tried to use the squid as bait but it hasn't improved my catch, though it's an 'authentic' feeling to turn up with my own bait. In fact, the night 'jewgal' brought in those two beauties I was around at CG getting only the occasional nibble with my squid - her post gave me a lot of hope to keep on trying!

Anyway, I've posted the attached picture as a little laugh for everyone, as fish-wise I've only caught a couple of little things like that, bream and yellowtail. That little fella was very welcome though, as I'd been trying for a few hours before he took a chomp on the squid. That's all from me for now. Thanks to all that post up great information and tips on this site, results don't show it but I think I've learnt a lot so far and have to say some of the posts are pretty funny too :)




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hi gee and :1welcomeani: to fishraider, you will find a wealth of info and knowledge on this site so hang in there and study what the successful anglers are doing and your catches will definately improve - your already doing better than me in the squid department I cant catch squid for love or money!


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G'Day Gee


Its a top site mate stay tuned to it and you'all be catching the big ones sooner than you think.

And personally I always eat my Calamari. Yum Yum Pigs Bum.

Only ever keep the heads for Kingies and the wings for other fish, they are just to good to not eat.

But then I don't target Jewies.


Trapper Tom.

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:1welcomeani: to FR mate, you obviously enjoy the site,

hope to see many reports from you.

Lots to find out here spots, tackle info, boating stuff, and

heaps of tips and tricks to help you with your fishing..

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Hi Gee,

We have something in common. I often don't have time to fish, be lucky to make it out once or twice a month. I read the forums almost every day it makes me feel good reading other people's fishing reports hehe

I did not have a lot of luck either with freshly caught squid but damn they were tasty. I sometimes regret eating them, but damn they were tasty! Oh the dilemmas :thumbup:

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