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All Quiet In Brisbane Waters


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Beautiful day on the water except for the lack of fish. Near the Rip Bridge I caught a few small squid but nothing big and hungry was around to eat them. Later in the day I tried several locations for blackies. Lost a couple but didnt really find a congregated school. These fish school up so I am having a good go to unlock the "Brissie Water Blackie Code". There are a lot of small loner fish in the system but I really want to find where the travelling fish school up. If anybody knows more than I do I am happy to supply a boat and bait in return for a day on the water.

Anyway, I did manage a 40cm blue-nose bream. Best I have caught in BW in many years. He took a Sqidgie worm whick looked a little too tasty to refuse. He got to swim away.

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