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All Quiet In Brisbane Waters


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Beautiful day on the water except for the lack of fish. Near the Rip Bridge I caught a few small squid but nothing big and hungry was around to eat them. Later in the day I tried several locations for blackies. Lost a couple but didnt really find a congregated school. These fish school up so I am having a good go to unlock the "Brissie Water Blackie Code". There are a lot of small loner fish in the system but I really want to find where the travelling fish school up. If anybody knows more than I do I am happy to supply a boat and bait in return for a day on the water.

Anyway, I did manage a 40cm blue-nose bream. Lovely winter colouration and the best I have caught in BW in many years. He took a Sqidgie worm whick looked a little too tasty to refuse. He got to swim away.



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G'day Wazza, mate that's a thumper bream and congrats on the release,

hope you find some info on the blackies, they gotta be somewhere.

Is that a Browning reel, I have one very similar to it, great little reel..

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Yes Ray it is a Browning. It performs flawlessly and I consider it an excellent "budget" SP reel. It is on a Starlo Stix rod and I use 4lb braid and 2m of 6lb flurocarbon leader. I plan to downsize to 4lb leader during winter to try and combat the clear water we get.

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Very nice Blue Nose Bream mate.

if you want Blackies try up in Narara Creek for the bigger Blackies all hang out there at the back of the Gosford Golf Course during winter.

If you go and use mix of live blood worms and weed you will also pick up Trevally, Flatties and good Bream from the same holes.

You will need a boat though and have a good sounder - if you are real lucky among the Blackes you may find decent Jew- BIG Jew LOVE Blackies and Whiting

Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestion Anthony. I have picked up blackies in Narara creek up past West Gosford Bait and Tackle but only much later in winter and even then they dont always travel up that far. Most havent been that big either, usually <30cm.

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Hey Leigh,

My tinnie is up in Wyong, next time I am going out I'll let you know, I wil be hitting Narara Creek pretty hard over the last part of winter once I get my trailer registered.

Its only a 2 man 3m SeaJay but it does the job, most of what I wil be doing I dont need power, more stalth approach is the key for that area. Fishign among the mangroves there are HEAPS of Croc's and big Mud Crabs (but prob too cold now to get them).

Give it s hot guys, the whole of the creek and all the way to Gosford Railway bridge should produce good results if you are using SP's or lilve bait.

Good luck- might catch you guys up on the CC very soon- am up there Sunday with Ray for an Avoca Beach adventure- going to try and get my 2YO daughter into her first fish... lets hope we get a few littluns to keep her interested then she can come with me often.


Cannot wait to get back up there.

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