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G`day Fellas ,

With the all Kids all down at Diamond Beach Resort for the Easter weekend , I thought I might give the lagoon a try for a whiting or flattie Din Din .

I think I must have caught every juvenile Bream and Whiting in that Goon over a two hour period , and although I enjoyed the time spent there , I was disapointed in the tally , which was 0.

Not very often I fish that Lagoon without catching my dinner , so I put it down to the 4 inches of rain we had during the week.

The rain was good , the goon though is shallow , and so perhaps they had moved downstream to better water.

I`m also not hearing of anyone else catching much either , but I haven`t seen many of the locals around for a week or two , so I`ll know mosre when I catch up with them.


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