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Fishing Surfers Paradise


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Hello everyone,

In 3 weeks I'll be heading up to broadwater for a week and was wondering what's the local fishing like, and also species to target. I unfortunately cannot take all my gear due to the girlfriend being in the car (even though my tackle box would look great riding up front) so have to limit. I have a rod for every occasion, so am wondering what the typical target species are of that area so I take the right gear. I'm looking to catch some species that are not common down here in sydney, as I think it will make the trip more forefilling coming home with some new pb's and bragging rights amongst the boys. I am also interested in booking a charter for a day, a friend has reccommended bkcharters as they led him to score his first blue marlin, but my eyes are set on my first cobia so does anyone know of a good charter that will lead me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!


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