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Chad's First Salmon


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Hello Raiders

I always enjoy a good report in particular there is nothing better than when a young bloke catches a good fish. I've had my nephew Chad visiting from Qld for the last week and told him we would land him a Salmon, whats more I prommised a big one. As many of you know Stockton is as good as anywhere but a little rough for the young and inexperienced so we headed to Fingal.

For those that don't know you can park in the carpark and make a 10 min walk accross the dunes to some pretty good gutters

We hit the beach at around 7.30am, tide was building and wind was slight from the Nth West. I loaded up with a Pillie on 4 ganged 4.0's and launched into the deeper part of the gutter while the father in law and Chad both fished for bream and whitting in shallow using worm.

And which one do you thing produced the fish.. as always it's not how far you cast or how deep you are that counts. The father in law makes the call "we're on" and passes the rod to Chad who for the next 5 mins had the fight and time of his life.

For the record we're calling it 69cm and the best part of 5kg. Best of all when we asked Chad what to do after the phots he agreed the best place for him was back where he came from, good Karma to let the first one go I reckon.

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