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Chad's Pictures Figal Salmon


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correct me if im wrong, but are sambos good eating.

Just not sure if it is, i heard its terrible.

if thats the case, then is there much value in keeping them? Maybe its better as bait? Does anyone know?

I agree with terrible fisho sid, Salmon are among my inedibles and would end up running equal second last with toad fish... However some people add wasabi to salmon instead of using draino to clean out the s bend....

That's a good size healthy looking salmon the young bloke caught scorpion..... :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Great place -

I hooked a BIG Jew there only last year, it SMOKED me on 30lb and then after a 30minute fight the line went *ping*... and she was gone.

Was left with 150m of a 500m spool, fought like a train with BIG head shakes and blistering runs of over 100m each time- that sure is a special part of the world with very impressive fishing.

Got another run fromt he same fish but it dropped the bait...

Once bitten, twice shy...

If you go back up there fish right down past the surf club in the corner next to the rock platform, and fish the rising tide on a fool moon- there are some Jew to be had right there, they sit off the point and come in when the tide rises.

You will also get nice Bream and taylor from the stretch where you were fishing

Great Sambo BTW young fella


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Nice one, I've spent a bit of time on that beach lately for nix.

I got smoked big time there a while ago too on some pretty heavy gear. I recon there must be a few monsters lurking around there.

Its a beautiful stretch of beach.

Sid, sambo's are good for fish cakes, thats about it.

Great fish.

Fly outfit.

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