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My Dilemma...


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Sup raiders,

i have quite the dilemma... tossing up between putting a new false floor, paint etc in my old small 12ft tinny.

OR, sell that, maybe sell the outboard i have with it (25hp) and buy a bigger new (2nd hand) boat, which i can comfortably fish off etc.

I need EVERYONES advice :thumbup:



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i was looking at trading 2 old motors i have for a newer model, but i would rather invest in a bigger boat.

the tinny has a shallow hull, and i would like a boat i can take trolling along the coast or out to close reefs without any hassles, and have a clear floor.

haha, im 22, but comfort is still a major purchase influence

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Hi Humkyle there are a lot of good buys around not just because of the winter but because of the lack of buyers with enough money to spend on boats at the moment... It would be a good idea if you make a check list of selling prices for when you are ready to buy.....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Flogg it mate, like Byron said there are some bargains to be had at the moment so get out there and grab one. Dont forget the boat show is coming up also, so maybe a good idea to do some research there....


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