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Holy Piston Batman


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Hi All, motor ( 2000 115 johno ) seized on me yesterday ( thanks to the guy who towed me from lion island to patonga if your on here) Anyway pulled head off anf found a holed piston and bore scratches. Am thinking i might pull it down myself and get a rebore or new sleeve and piston and rings. Any ideas guys? Also noted sand and gravel in the cooling ports of block so am thinking that might have caused piston to hole? Any comments would be appreciated.

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My only suggestion is to let someone else repair it.

I rebuilt an Evinrude motor many years ago. Followed the workshop manual to a tee. The motor lasted less than 1 season before it sent the crankshaft through the block.

Marine engines are very much different to a normal car engine, which I have rebuilt a number of successfully. Let someone who knows what they are doing repair it. Then it should be done correctly and have some sort of warranty.

Holes through pistons are sometimes caused by running an engine too lean or having the ignition timing incorrect.

Which ever way you go, best of luck.

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Hi, with some mechanical knowledge and correct tools it can be easily and cost effectivly rebuilt. About $700 will get you an oversize piston for the damaged cylinder (which if I had to guess would be no.2), new rings for the others, gasket set, some parts with experience you know should be replaced and water pump kit. Add about $300 for a rebore and hone and you can rebuild this engine. Even if you pay someone who knows what they are doing to rebuild it it still is cost effective.

Most important thing is to find the reason why it happened. An engine does not get to this age and fail without a cause and if you do not find the cause and rectify it, the chances are it will happen again.

PM me if you would like the Raider price on the parts and add about $80 for the service manual if you are going to tackle it yourself.



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