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Sounder Not Working

jason baker

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My lowrance sounder has mysteriously stopped working.

It won't give me any images on sonar mode and the depth only works sometimes which makes me think there may be a loose connection somewhere. GPS still works OK.

I have made sure the pugs are in the back properly.

Are there a few checks I can do myself to try and get it going again?

Failing that anywhere I can take it?

Sorry, this is a probably a regular question but the search dosen't seem to be working for me either, maybe I should stay away from electronics.



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If I remember correctly, if it's a software issue, if you hold down the "pages" button when turning on your sounder, it resets the software (keeps your marks, but resets all units, settings etc to default).

That may fix it (has happened a couple of times to me). But it's a long shot - sounds like a hardware issue.


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