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Nambucca River On Plastics


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Just got back from a good weekend up in the Nambucca River. Me and Luderick Luke drove up on friday arvo for an early morning start at sunup.

We didn’t get out as early as we wanted, but we launched his boat in decent time. We first fished a nice sandy dropoff and were onto a flatty each within the first 10 mins on squidgy fish.

We then moved further down to some oyster racks to stir up some bream. We struggled with the breambos for a bit but then they came on good. We drifted past one rack on which we both failed to hookup. The current was quite fast so we only had maybe 4 casts per rack, but this one was worth turning around with the electric and hitting it again. Another drift past and second cast I was onto a nice fish almost as soon as the lure hit the water. It gave a good solid fight trying to dash back into the racks, but to no avail and got him – a nice 30cm breambo, just into the satisfying size range. Towards the end of the rack, Luke hooks onto another nice one of the same size. Luke was on a gulp 2 inch shrimp and I opted for some old moldy Storm Twitching Nippers that I’ve (obviously) had sitting around for too long without using them. Luke got some really good action on some racks further down, but the bream were being very difficult to hook. I was busy tying a new leader due to a bloody wind knot that wouldn’t come good so I didn’t get a chance to try. By the time I got back in the water, the action slowed and came to a complete stop when the sun got higher. We could see loads of bream hanging around the racks, but they were too shy to tempt. We ended up at the end of morning sesh with 2 flattys and 4 bream.



Day 2, we got out at the right time with Luke’s local friend Lindo in his boat. Those two have a long history of competitiveness on this river and a friendly competition was organized - first fish; most fish; biggest fish; and most species was up for grabs. All I was thinking is jeez I hope I get 1 fish with these two on board. I don’t have nearly as much experience on the plastics as Luke and Lindo, so I was looking forward to learning a thing or two anyway. Lindo took out first fish with a bream and both fellas got a couple more before I managed my first. None were big, all around legal so they went back. So I got my fish, and as I suspected that was it from me. I missed a few good hits as the bream were still being difficult to hook, but Luke and Lindo got a few more before it went quiet. We all struggled on the bream for a bit until Lindo decided to fish a bit deeper with a wriggle tail plastic. He started picking up bream again, and nice sized flattys including a 65cm croc! She was an impressive piece of work and I’m always surprised that such huge flathead will take such small lures - the wriggle tail was only an inch long model. Luke got some eating sized flattys on squidgy fish. I started targeting flattys but could not manage a touch, I suspect I was fishing just a bit too heavy. So Lindo ended up blowing the comp out of the water. He had to get home by 10am so we dropped him off and me and Luke headed out for a bit longer before lunch.


Luke then took me to a very deep hole (12 – 15m ) at the edge of the river bank with the chance for a jew, which got my heart pumping and my hands shaking. Great opportunity to try out my new heavy outfit – 6-8Kg Nitro Viper and Shimano Symetre 4000 loaded with 20Lb braid. I stuck on a big-arse paddle tail and luke opted for a 4 inch powerbait minnow on a heavy jighead. We used the leccy to sneak up on the area. The water was quiet and the current was slowly creeping. Huge trees around us darkened the surrounds, adding to the intimidation and awe of the place. It was eerily serene above the water, but conjured up images of true monsters swimming deep underneath that could easily break that serenity, and break the hardest fisherman in a snap. Luke’s onto a couple of fish straight away but they’re only small flathead. But before you had a chance to start doubting the place, he’s on again and this time he’s got some weight, it’s a good fish. It’s heavy and sluggish. Luke calls it for another croc, but before we get a chance to see, she spits. Luke’s gutted and I sympathise for him while I’m quickly changing over to what he’s using. I cast out and get a few small hits, but don’t connect and Luke soon yells he’s got another ripper on. This one feels different. She’s coming up with weight, but a bit too easily and Luke knows in a couple of seconds, she’s gonna realize there’s a hook in her and do the bolt. Sure enough, I watch the bend in his rod grow and the line start peeling down into the murk. I can hear, the excitement in his voice, this is something very good..............

*WHIP* ~ s l a c k.

Now Luke’s really gutted, and I’m feeling the pinch too.

I try to console him, but there’s nothing you can say. What can you do? Keep fishing, that’s what.

Finally I get a bump on my plastic. And strike to feel some weight. It feels ok, and I figure it for maybe a 40-45cm flatty. As it gets closer, it starts feeling a bit better, but still felt like comparatively nothing on the viper. Out of the murk comes a nice flatty – a new PB flatty on plastic, but was 3cm shy of my bait record coming in at 52cm. Man that rod has some grunt. I was happy to break it in finally, but I cant wait to feel something on it that takes it to the limit.


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Well done guys! Sounds like a couple of terrific days on the water. Shame about the 'get offs' but, hey! Makes for a good story! Nice pics too

Don't you just love Nambucca??


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Awesome report mate and a very nice bag of bream and flatties......it's great hearing all these reports from all over nsw.....makes me wanna pack the car and drive anywhere for a few days of fishing.

Cheers :beersmile:

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Thanks guys

Don't you just love Nambucca??

I do now! That was my first time up there, and I cant wait to go back. I can't wait to go to Forster again too, and maybe catch something other than pike. I know there's bream there too, I could see them ignoring me the whole time :1prop:

its ashame we didn't get some pics of the area, but your description was fantastic.

You know what, I'm an idiot. I never once the whole time thought about taking photos of the area. I get so obsessed about catching fish, I forget these things.

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Top report mate, Cant wait to get up there in spring and get amonst the lizards....

Its the only place ive ever seen flatties hit surface lure's.

Did you get a chance to get up warrel creek or just fish the main system?

Just the main system. I'm sure we'll be exploring many more places when we head up there next. I'd love to get a flatty on a popper. If I can get away from the placcies next time I'll have to give that a crack.

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