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A Month Of Mulloway Madness - Part 3


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Welcome to the final saga of the 3 part trilogy

So here I was again, on the 18th of July barely 3 weeks since my last jewie. But this time my arms weren't twitching. They were flapping. This day would be different. This time one of my good mates had a break from a busy schedule and offered to drive me. My mate had not been able to fish for months and he too was itching for some fishing. We decided on a close location to maximise fishing time.

Once again I was on a beach again standing at the top of a sand dune and looking out over the swells. It was a southerly swell at 1-2 meters, and so I decided to maximise this by choosing a south facing location. I spotted a large section of water that was very promising and we promptly went down and set up our gear. It was three hours before low tide when we started fishing. I was unsatisfied with the positioning of my first cast so I decided to reel in and cast again. Being satisfied with my second cast, I turned and headed for my chair. I was almost at my chair when it happened. I heard my name being called and I whisked around to see the rod bouncing up and down. I sprinted to the rod, set the hook and drag and proceeded to fight the fish. This one was strange. The fish was shaking its head, but was not running out. It decided to stay in the surf zone and swam left and right. The fish ran over my mate's line and I carefully raised my rod over his and resumed the fight. The lines were clear, and my mate offered to reel his line in. I told him it wasn't neccessary and that he should keep the line in just incase a school was passing by. The fight was short, for the fish's size. It was landed without hazard and my mate gaped at the size of the jewie. I Immediately rebaited and casted out. Within the next half hour, my mate had hooked onto his personal best jewfish. For sure there was a school of them hanging about in this gutter.

We then shared four hits but no hookups. After which the bite died down, as we were close to low tide. I pondered the misses and then decided on using a different style of bait presentation which exposed the hooks much more than the previous presentation. The lull in action was definatly making us bored and feeling cold. My mate suggested moving along the beach to find and try a different gutter, but I was reluctant. I was quite certain that when the tide would move back in, the fish would come back. My mate agreed and so we pushed on into the night with our spot.

Sure enough the fish did come back again and I was onto another decent jewie. The fish was smaller than my first but gave up a much better fight. Another hour passed and I managed a shovel nose ray, and a 20 cm flathead which somehow managed to get perfectly hooked in the lip by my 8/0 hook.

It was nearing an hour before we had to leave and my mate had just hooked into another jewfish. This one was also putting up a strange fight. It had irradic stop starts in its run and then times where it was dead weight. We called it for a ray, when my rod started twitching. I was on too! Feeling the fight of my fish I also called it for a ray. The fight was getting hectic when the two fish decided to cross over. A tangle was forming and we were laughing our heads off in amusement of the situation. My mate had a good idea. He passed me his rod and he waded into the water to see how the lines were wrapped. There I was holding two rods with two fish pulling on them as my mate directed me to switch rods over or under each other to untangle the lines. We were eventually untangled and we resumed the fight. My friend landed his and called out "Jewie!". He had a new personal best(two in one night, awesome) and the reason for the strange fight of his was due to the line being wrapped around its tail. I eventually landed my fish and it was a big ray.

My mate caught another in the last hour of the time we had left that was similar in size to his 1st personal best of the night. We decided that we had enough fish and he released it gently back into the water.

The worst part of the trip and come upon us. The trip home. We dreaded the double trip to the car : once for the gear and once for the fish. We were out of energy due to a very eventfull night but we some how made it home and got ourselves a great feed!

The End

My Stats:

12 kg

114 cm


8 kg

100 cm

Mate's Stats:

10 kg

112 cm


5.6 kg

84 cm

Us holding our prizes:


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Unbelievable results ASJ - as someone who has chased jew off the beaches many times without any success at all I must admit that my mind boggles reading reports of that many big jewies in only four sessions. You are truly a beach jew master now.

So I have to ask - as an unsuccessful jew fisherman must - can you tell us what bait you were using? I've always used squid off the beach but am starting to wonder whether there's not a better option . . . .

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:yahoo: ASJ.. :yahoo: WoW!!! Top notch job on the beach Jewies mate!! You blokes must have really been stoked at such sweet action. (And I'm sure much more in the future!). Keep it up fellas'.....CHEERS...Tom the Yank
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Great detailed report - almost feel like you're there. Easy to say when you're at your desk feeling warm and comfortable but full credit to you for putting the time in, persevering and fishing smart as well. Those are awesome catches ...

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Good effort on the beach jew ASJ :thumbup: great encouragement for others and you pass on some interesting information on casting into a section of water that has a school of jewfish coming in at some time or other written all over it .....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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