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Monster Blackfish


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Hi guys

It was beautiful weather today so decided to have a relax fishing session on my own. collected some cabbage weed only enough for bait not burley off I went down to a local spot near balmain. It was very slow going the entire avo, didnt get a single down. As the tide picked up, water level rises and dusk approaching, I thought I would put a bit of bread on my blackfish gear to see if i can bag a bream or two while starts to pack up. Half an hr later, everything was well packed up and it was already dark so i went to wind bk the float. Then there were weight down there, lifted up, the thing just went nuts and headed straight to the kelp. The fight felt awesome on 4lb leader, and i didn't know what it was, thought might be a decent bream. then when it came up on my surface my jaw just droped absolutly on the ground, its a blackie and a huge one. after another tough fight near the shore i had it secured in the landing net. Waht a monster blackfish. It went 45cm a new PB for me.




Happy fishing

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