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Botany Bay Snapper

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gday all been doing some fishing lately for snapper with a few sessions with no success but finally managed to find some on the plastics managed 4 and the biggest going 2.25 kg and measureing 47cm they were great fun on bream gear !





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nice mate awesome snapper :thumbup:

im going to the bay tomorrow or friday and i wanna try my luck on plastics for snapper.. Any tips ?? What size softies and what sort ??

Haha sorry for the questions but i havent caught a decent snapper in so long it isnt funny :biggrin2:

Thankss & Cheers.

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mate it is the best fun i have had in a while mind you im using a 2-4kg rack raider matched with a sustain 1000 spooled with 3 lb fireline and 8lb leader its just so much fun!

the lure that done the damage was the 5' jerk shad in pink :thumbup:



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thats insane wow

the snapper is not inside the bay right?

like in between the heads i guess?

or just outside the bay?

i didn't even know legal snapper exsisted near botany bay........ O.o

Mate, I would say outside the bay. I fish the bay constantly and NEVER get snapper or legal pinkies. Would be just outside on the right hand side I would say.

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