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A Few Blackies From The Breakwall


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Hi all

I attended the funeral of my neighbour's dad this afternoon. He was a keen bream fisho & at 82 was still out there buying new lures & taking his tinnie out just last week, when he came back with 2 nice bream. He only ever used hbs. A few years back, he showed me the first Loomis rod I had ever seen! Couldn't believe how light it was! Half the mourners were fellow fishos & it was great to see them there, supporting John & his family.

I needed a bit of cheering up after that, so when Keith said he wanted to go for a swim, I said, GREAT! I'll get my rod! :1prop:

I had about 5 different baits to play with ...... Roosterman had sent me some green weed, as had NZwarrior (including some very nice cabbage) & I had found some nice 'bubble weed' last week, so took a bit of each with me. The regular green weeds didn't do the trick today, but when I put the combo of cabbage on top hook & bubble weed on the bottom hook ....... things started to change!

They nibbled the cabbage, but wolfed down the bubble weed!! I busted off a couple of times & the length of the bottom leader was only about 9cm long & I couldn't be bothered replacing it ...... and it caught all 3 fish that I landed!! :1yikes: I dropped 3 or 4 & missed quite a few downs too. At one point in time, the fish must have taken the cabbage & swum towards the surface, as virtually the whole float launched out of the water on its own accord!! I wasn't quick enough to strike & missed the fish! :(

I sms'd Glenn, but didn't spot him before we left at 5pm. The 2 guys next to me fishing for bream were amazed, I think, that I turned up & started catching fish within minutes of arriving! :biggrin2: Their eyes bulged when I threw back one that was just legal!

The 3 I kept ranged from 30-34cm & quite fat. I will be giving them to my other neighbour who is a bit crook jut now .... I'll even smoke them for him, too! :1prop:

Cheerio & tight lines


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Hi Roberta,

Didn't know you sms'd until I checked my phone now after reading your post :074: Damn, I would've been down there in a flash. Keen for a fish for blackies. Well done on catching some good fish. Hopefulyy it will pick up now.

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Hi Roberta.

Sorry to hear about your neighbour's father. My condolences to the family.

I know what you mean about needing some "cheering up". A member of my family passed away last week and I was really pleased to be able to get out yesterday for a few hours. It was just what I needed.

Well done on getting three good fish. I'm sure your other neighbour will enjoy them.



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Hi Roberta,

well done on the blackies;

Its always a shame when an old fisherman goes.

I tried Mona Vale pool on Monday afternoon, and after talking with another fisherman I gave the floating lead flashing a go and came home with one good sized fish. First for the season!!

Stay young



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Thanks guys

Glenn - I reckon they'll be there this afternoon on the bottom of the tide too! :) I tried further down the wall (after trying spot x first, with no hits) then worked my way back to 'my usual spot' and got hits immediately.

Wanna meet up about 3pm this arvo?? Bring bubble weed & cabbage! ;) sms me!! Or do you want to give the boat a run? High tide in the lake should be about lunch time ..... either side of it would be good for blackies :1prop:

Cam - it was John's Dad (John from across the road.) I saw his Dad last Tues when he'd just returned from what would end up being his last outing in his boat & meant to stop & chat with him about his catch .... but didn't! Now i regret it, as he was an accomplished fisho & had a wealth of information on the lake. He took ill on the Fri. Good to hear you got onto the rocks to give it a go - what about Narrabeen Lake?? We've lost lots of sand from Burgess Beach & I reckon Peter's 'flashing trick' should work down here with some cabbage as the rock ledge in front of the steps is nice & deep again now! Must give it a go.

Peter - thanks for the tip! ;) Since we lost most of our beaches, those long strands of dislodged grass had washed into the breakwall channel & I think it is wrapped along the rocks there! When you snag up, it sort of feels like you've caught line ..... matter of fact, I pulled up some dead stuff yesterday! It waves around & catches anything near it, hence the many bustoffs! The fish also head for it as soon as they are hooked, too! :mad3: Whenever I went deeper, i just lost another hook! :1badmood: They also only seemed to be on the chew for a short period of time, too! :wacko: I got lots of hits & hookups, then NOTHING! :wacko: Didn't matter, I'd had my fun & had a smile on the dial again.

Cam - next time you are up again, it will be time to go along the breakwall in your snorkelling gear again, cutting up the grass this time as well as stray line!!



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