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He Should Have Tried Swap & Sell


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Failed sale: dead shark left in street

July 23, 2009 - 7:07AM

The body of a shark was left lying in the middle of a downtown Miami street after two men tried to sell it to several fish markets.

The men apparently carried the one-and-a-half metre long shark around on the city's Metromover downtown train, prompting calls to police.

News footage on Tuesday night showed the dead animal in the street with police officers and cruisers nearby. Two stations reported that a pair of men had tried to sell the animal to at least three fish markets for around $US10.

Rob Orta, an employee at Casablanca Fish Market, told television station WSVN that the men offered his business the shark.

"But we don't buy sharks off the street," Orta told the station.

Wildlife officials later determined the animal was a nurse shark. The case could result in misdemeanour charges of improper killing and disposal of an animal and selling a shark without a licence.

One resident of the area where the shark was dumped said he didn't know what was going on at first.

"It was a relief that it was a shark," said Keith Smith. "When I first saw it, I thought it was a body because of all the shootings that have been going on."


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Please understand i am definitely not having a go at you here on this site, but I reckon this pic mite involve a more sinsiter story.

Looking closely at the picture, the shark looks to have been "finned". Its pec fins n tail are gone.

Surley anyone familiar with the finning trade would be outraged to see evidence of this trade in the US, or any country.

Anyone unfamiliar with finning, it goes a bit like this:

Sharks are longlined, their fins cut off whilst still alive and the shark kicked back into the ocean to drown, the trade usually controlled by the mafias of various countries, and condoned by corrupt regimes and governments worlldwide. All this for the fins ending up in you guessed it, Shark Fin Soup.

For more information you may like to visit www.sharkwater.com or view the DVD by the same name.

Personally, it is beyond my comprehension that this still occurs any where in the world.

Mate, i dont think nurse sharks have that pecral fin thingy an i think the tail is laying flat on the ground??



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