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Downrigger Questions


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hay guys ive been goin to browns with no luck as i have only just started to get outside in the bigger boat i havnt yet purchased a downrigger but have been looking at a few on the market and most only have about 200-250m of steel line on them is it possible to change the steel wire to heavy duty 100lb line so i can spool 500m onto it? as i am interested in trying to catch some blue eye cod and anyother fish with a bottom bash i was goin to use my tynos 30 as a rod for bottom bashing which is spooled with 30lb 600mt

any tips on what i should be looking at would be much appreciated!!

cheers andrew

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mate if you want to fish the bottom out wide you will need an alvey reef queen or king and a mount to suit your boat ,or electric reels and bent but rods ,if you have the cash to splash,down riggers arent designed for that sort of load

but in saying that if you want to change the wire that comes with most downriggers you can ,i run braid on my downrigger,the deepest ive used the downrigger is at the twelve mile 110metres pulling slimies around

cheers arman

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thanks for the advise ive just bought a new avley reef queen now for 1000m of 80lb braid! yeha cant wait to try it out. also with 6kg weight im hoping will heavy enough to get to the bottom hmm arms are gona be sore after a few winds drops :thumbdown:

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