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When Does The Temp Warm Up In The Bay?


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hey all

silly question i guess

but whats the earliest time i can expect trevs n flatheads n bream comin bak?

after aug

or begining of aug ?

my addiction is making my itch and i just go on fish raider everyday to see whos geting some fish!

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i get my fish on plastics so its always been about 3-5m of water

10m you say

the trevs are down deep?

i would have to berley bomb?

or just berley from boat?

for 1 hr and let it do its work,

i fish of a kayak so berleying deep is new

dayam my rods not ment for jig heads over 1/8 lol

im addicted just need a fish fight

this winter is giving me cold turkey!

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