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Fishing Report


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:( Hello raiders,

Would really love to post how the young bloke and I bagged out today.


Anyway, due to long hours and next to no days off, I took the oportunity to

book my son in for a bit of father and son time out in the hobbitt launch.

A bit cloudy, little wind, coolish but a great day on the lake (Lake Macquarie)

Tried drifting several spots that we had never tried before, with a grand total of..........

Wait for it.........

One hit on a SP, even that was spat out. OH WELL :mad3:

The wind did kick in later in the day, as did a tiny little bit of rain. :1badmood:

So we headed in, but all in all, we had a good day out and a chance to spend quality time together. :1fishing1:

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