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First Jew On Soft Plastics


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My stepson and i cracked our jew on sp cherries recently with Andrew getting his on a freezing cold morning at the end of last month while on a snapper session on the inshore reefs out of Broken Bay, unfortunatley no snaps but we were both stoked with his 1st lure caught jew.


I got mine friday avro in Brisbane Waters while fishing for flatties. A good day with 5 flatties caught, biggest going 50cm, kept two for a feed. A 30cm bream which launched itself in the air (impressive a bream pretending to be a marlin) was released and then my 1st lure caught jew which really topped off the afternoon for me anyway, as Andrew who has been out fishing me lately had a shocker with only one flattie.Though he was just as stoked as me with my sp jew.


cheers Steve

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