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Carp Fishing


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guys anyone know any good spot for monster carp? I have tried the creek in rouse hill which was good but lately has not produced at all :thumbdown::thumbdown:

So if anyone know a spot can either pm me or post it up here to share with the rest. Keen to help to clean the environment :1prop:

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try toongabbie creek off hammers rd Northmead - plenty of monsters there

i tried toongabbie creek near the bridge at oakes road but seems too shallow and nothing there. will try that part of the creek next time :1prop:

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thanks for the info tan :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Anyone else has any more suggestion? :1prop::1prop:


I would say the pond in front of the Monastry near the University in Narellan Road but I think they are in retreat at the moment, so try the pond and the feeder creek in the alcoholics centre next door, you should also have a bit of company too, from what I saw the other day, the inmates seem to be burying something in wheel barrows.....

Let's now how you go if you make it up there..


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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