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Fast Moving Waters


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Just a note to any Soft Plastic fishos that have succeeded in fast moving currents.

I have had regular success with Flathead and Bream on SP's in still water using retrieve and jigging techniques on 1/16 Jig Heads.

Recently I fished a fast moving current (inlet from beach) using a 3/8 Gamakatsu TT Jig Head and a 4" Bass Minnow chasing Flathead.

I found that I just let the current take the SP and kept a feel for any hits.

Is there any specific technique that can be used in fast moving current.

Is the Jig Head size OK ?.

Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you on a boat or fishing from the shore?

If boat based, just dift with the current and jig up and down with the plastic. Have the plastic set back from the boat a bit in shallow water.

Dropshotting also works well as it allows you to fish small lures and still have enough weight to keep them near the bottom.

I've been playing around with dissolving string (from Shipton Trading) lately which allows me to attach enough weight to get the "unweighted" lure to the bottom then fish the plastic in a natural looking fashion once the string has dissolved. I haven't tried it in really fast moving water.


I am land based Swoffa.

Casting upstream and flowing downstream the line tension can be felt for the lassed 2/3 of flow.

You end up with the SP arcing at the end of its journey and coming out of the channel. Thus it is a lot of casts.

The 3/8 seems to get me to the bottom OK (I picked up some weed and the odfd snag during the session) but I wonder if the jighead and minnow are just rolling or bouncing in an odd fashion.

I was just looking to improve my success but just cant see a way to jig or retrieve in this current.

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I fish in a fair bit of current most of the time cause we have 8ft tides here a lot & I just cast up & across current with enough lead to get down near or on the bottom. I just give a quick lift & then let it swing with the current a bit & drop back to the bottom It works OK. Just letting it roll/ bounce along the bottom with a bit of a jiggle is effective also.

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Thanks Ken & Beefaman

I appreciate your response

I assume secret spot X179 is QLD based and thus not alot of help for a New South Welshman

I dont fish this type of area often but like to keep up to date with any success that has been had in similar waters :thumbup:

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Yeah, secret spot X 179 is in Queensland.....thats as much info as we can give you.....oh alright, it is in Caloundra......oh alright it is Golden Beach....oh alright it is Monash St

I seen this is going to be this Fridays Courier Mail fishing spots section, apparently c/o fishraider.com

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It probably will be in the paper alongside the report of me catching big jews at west head :074:

I still get a laugh out of that one. :1prop: Ken A scoring 2 x 20kg Jews at West Head when I was sitting in Caloundra Powerboat Club drinking beer. Long cast from Caloundra to West Head. How much does it cost for 1200 kilometres of Fireline?

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Hey Ken i was actually going to start a post about how much you can believe of 'reports' in local papers

Don't go there :thumbdown: Some reporters provide honest & accurate reports & some provide bullshit like the well known bloke that posted the crap about me getting Jews at West Head. That wasn't the first time he has used my name in bullshit reports either & it has caused me all sorts of embarrasing moments. His day is coming.

You can't tar them all with the same brush its just one of those things & I don't want to go down that path here. It always leads to people & other websites getting named & then I get bombarded with hate mail etc etc.

Best to make your own judgements on the reports. I don't want that debate here.

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