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Hows Clifton Gardens Fishing?


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Hows clifton gardens fishing?? Havnt been there in quite a while and havnt heard an reports either

I went there last week. Must of been unlucky. It was dead as. Not a single line on the wharf caught anything while i was there, i was there for hours. Not even a tiny nibble, except for the rodents under the wharf, probably toad fish or something lol.

Must of been a bad run..

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I went about 3 weeks ago, could only manage yakkas. Saw a small cuttle attack my jig but didn't get a proper hookup, also had a run of a squid on a live yakka but that's about it.

And geekfisherman, there was actually a rodent in the water, some sort of water rat.

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Dont bother, Its dirty,dangerous and no fish. And if you want to pay 20+ dollars parking for that. good luck :thumbdown: Try further north Curl curl/ Deewhy/ narrabeen all produce at times and no hassles

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