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Automatic Bilge Pumps


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Whilst i had the bait tank out last year I started to install a second bilge pump with a separate float switch. I did not finish wiring as i mainly wanted to get the gear in while the tank was out of the way as it makes access to the centre bilge near impossible on the boat. And i could do the wiring quickly if i was going offshore or to moor it (which i did neither)

I started to wire it this morning and i noticed the ball in the float switch was sticking and not always switching on or off. I imagine banging around on the water it would loosen up a bit but i don't want to take the chance. It was a cheap brand of switch (not Rule or Johnson) and i probably got what i paid for and will not make same mistake again.

So what do raiders find best in float switches separate or integrated? I noticed even when 1st installed that you had to be careful with wires and hose getting in the way of the float switch.

my setup will be a

1500GPH Rule 1"1/8' outlet manual switched pump and then a automatic switched pump of around 7-900 GPH

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