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Hawkesberry 26/5


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Well started off at lion island about 2pm 1 bite in 1 hour very quiet so heade over to pearl beach , no bites, then heade to flint and steel , nothing...

as my father was over from england this was not great as i was hoping for some good action for him.

went back to lion island and got a school shark and an eel.

So the fishing was crap , interesting though that while the southerly has been blowing over the last few weeks it seems to have been the same so i dont actually think it was the fresh but the cold snap, as this has usually been my most productive month for jews in the past!!!

The only places i have not tried which have produced plenty before are smiths creek and coal and candle as i did not have the time, however it would be interesting for a report from somebody last week or to try this week in these areas. I suspect that there is no good reports to come while this southerly hangs around, but when it switches i think it will fire lets wait and see.

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