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South Curly 2/8/09


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My mate Ned and I went to south curly this afternoon for a bit of a fish off the beach. Having never fished the beach with a full size surf rod before I had a lot of trouble casting and stuff but eventually I got it out.

Sitting around talking suddenly my rod buckles and the drag on the 10 year old+_+_) combo goes off. I stand up and strike and my mate also gets a hit.

After a bit of a fight (really new to me due to the wave action) I landed this aussie salmon, went 45cm and 1kg

After that we got a few more hits but couldnt land them, will be going back soon.


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G'day Toikle. Thats a great way to start your beach fishing career. Also proves you don't need to spend a fortune to catch good fish. Get out there as often as you can and the results will only get better.

By the way salmon are not all that bad to eat as long as you kill them quickly, bleed them and keep them in a cool place. Fillet then, skin them and then cut out any of the red flesh. Simply coat in seasoned flour and fry. Comes up OK.


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Looks like you and your mate had a good session. Those salmon are good value, especially off the beach. Great fun. As for eating them ... I think I'll just continue catching and releasing! Salmon are the best "mother-in-law" fish around, except for maybe Sgt Baker.

It wont take you long to get used to a big beach rod. Just make sure you're using the right line and sinker for the rod. And the casting, it's just practice and more practice.

Well done! :thumbup:



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