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A Great Day ... And Some Weird Catches Too!


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Trolled down along the Royal National Park for just two tailor.


It was calm, but some big sets were hitting the shore, so we kept our distance.



We saw a whale off Marley, but I didn't get any decent photos.

It was great to watch it from a distance. (It doesn't take much to please me - I still get excited seeing a whale, seal, dolphin, sea eagle or fairy penguin)

With the wind coming from the north west at that stage, we decided to stop and "bottom bash" just out from the cliffs.

Syd and I only managed to get a couple of good flatties amongst some rock cod and lots of small flatties.


... and this thing?


Is this a "beauty spot"?

We also lost a couple of rigs to these little line snipping buggers !@*@!! :1badmood:


We eventually made our way to the Hump, but scored a big zero ... except for this???


I am not sure if it is animal or vegetable???

(I might have to post it in the Aquarium section)

Anyway, we moved back north and closer to shore and drifted for some good flatties amongst "zillions" of baby ones. Syd caught the little ones while I mainly stuck to the big ones! :074:

Throughout the day, the conditions varied from calm and pleasant to breezy and choppy. It was great to get out fishing again, but it was one of those days when expectations were higher than results ... but I'm not complaining as we still manged a good feed between us.

Syd shows off two of the better flatties (both mine)


The final catch


The tailor and sweep will be smoked tonight ... however ...

Syd decided to smoke one of the nannygai there and then ...


Isn't it amazing what some people will do when they're had a few drinks after a long day fishing!

Anything seems "funny" to them!



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Great report Peter, great piccies too. :1fishing1:

That "thing with the beauty spot" is in fact a black finned perch and they are tasy as all hell.

My friend Frank caught one off Shoalhaven Heads last November and they are one of the most beautiful fish in the sea- both aesthetically and on the plate.

I am very impressed with the flatties, they are the better eating size like that (I reckon they would be 55cm or just under 60 right???)

Funny as the smoking of the fish


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that long hairy thing is called a tuna kate for memory,you often see heaps of them out at browns at night time,we were out at heatons a few weeks back well after dark and had heaps of these floating down in the current,wass told there called tuna kates!!

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G'day Peter,

Thanks for a great report I always enjoy them and the pics......funny about the small flatties.......we went out to bate bay yesterday and caught 16 flatheads but all being tiny. Only 6 were keepers. The weather sure was glorious however and I hope it sticks around...... Keep up the great reports....love your work. :1fishing1:



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I am very impressed with the flatties, they are the better eating size like that (I reckon they would be 55cm or just under 60 right???)


Yeah ... spot on Anthony! ... 55-60cm ... yeah ... right ... mmm

(Well actually, just between you and me Anthony, all the flathead Syd and I caught were 40-50cm. Just don't tell Hodgey okay? I like the idea that my flatties were bigger than his ... just don't tell anyone else!)

The two flatties that Syd is holding were 48 and 50cm. I think they are just about perfect eating size. Anyway, they were the best flatties I've caught for months.

Making fish look bigger is a photographic art! :074:



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