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Tough Day At "work"


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Hi All,

went into work on friday morning as usual, then the boss got a call from his mate to drop everything and go for a fish. Trouble was, he had a couple of clients coming over, so he couldn't. Then he says to me "can you get to the boat ramp for 9.30 ? take the rest of the day off".

Cool! Got there, went out and we landed a couple of decent dinner plate sized snapper. This was mine.post-10917-1249283655_thumb.jpg

The wind started to pick up a bit , so headed back as we got bitten off by the LJs a few times.

all in all a really tough day at "work".

Big thanks to my boss and his mate.


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Good session getting among the Snapper Welsh Dave....Did you catch them in the main harbour did you Dave?


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

Off long Reef ,jewgaffer. Don't know the area really as i usually fish out of Pittwater.

I do owe the boss a :beersmile: tho.

Be assured, he gets his money's worth out of me. Been a tough few months.

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