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A Morning Till Midnight Session At Brown's Mountain Sunday 2/8/09


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Hi Raiders I don't do much deep sea fishing these days, but one of my closest friends George a.k.a. Cungee George is also a dedicated jew fishermen and has done a lot of solo diving including off shore diving and has been involved in game fishing with the greek contingent since his early twenties.....

George was planning on fishing for gemfish over Browns from the early morning, reposition for Tuna in between drifts and if no action on the Tuna front, had decided to reserve the pilchard supply and keep the burley trail going in the late afternoon and fish in between Tuna and Blue Eye Cod well into the night... George is of the opinion that more cod can be caught in the late afternoon and particularly when there are too many gemfish around and that was the case in the morning part of the session....

Report :-

George and his mates arrived at Brown's as the sun began to rise, had a look around and saw no signs of surface action anywhere in the vicinity so decided to drop the baits down for gem fish and cod.....There were around ten or so boats at Brown's for most of the day..... George did not hear of any Tuna being caught but thought that gemfish must have been caught...

After a good start and catching a lot of gemfish and releasing a lot, they found it very quiet around 2pm so George and his friends pulled the reels up and just sat around talking to pass the time away....It began to cool down around 4pm, and most of the boats in the vicinity started heading for home.....

George and his friends were keen on getting onto some blue eye cod to take home and indeed they did...

Here is a photo of George's couple of take home late afternoon cod....


George and a couple of early morning gemfish.....


Here is George with the Mako on the Deck... they were about to put on more shark rigs but they couldn't fish around the Mako as it took up too much room, so they left just before midnight...

George estimated the Mako to be around 150 kilos. They had to use a gaff and a tail gaff and rope to land it... Rig was 200 lb braid and 400lb wire trace using 16/0 non circle s/s tuna hooks supplied by George.. Bait was 12inch long, a cod head with a centre cut thru the half body that was left hanging off the head....



Cubing resumed about an hour after dark George said he thought the reason for no yellowfin may have been due to the number of active seals in the area that kept coming up in pairs....

They put the shark rigs on when the seals disappeared.... They had been getting a few gemfish up that were coming up bitten in half...

Everyone caught and released gemfish at some time or other and twelve or so small blue eye cod were caught and released in the late afternoon into the night part of the session and there were four cod taken home and they also reached the limit on gemfish which were prolific under and around the size of the take home gemfish .....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanks for posting George's trip Jewgaffer! :thumbup: What an amazing day! I get tired just lazing around catching a few small flatties! George and his mates must be fit blokes to get through a day like that! My arms would turn to jelly pulling in just one gemfish or blue eye! As for the mako ... :1yikes:

That picture of the shark belongs in my "Toothy Critters" thread! 150kg!!! I wouldn't be putting my hand anywhere near that mouth!

Congratulations to George and his mates on a very long and productive session.



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.....I hope Cungee George threw a few fillets your way.

He sure will John and I'll take the blue eye cod over the old hasty tasty's fish of the day...Do you remember the hasty tasty up there John, our mate Mimo would have taken away a few spare ribs on Saturday nights ay :D


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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