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You Know The Japanese Love Their Fishing When They Have...


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you got be a jap to navigate the site.

How would u have figured out it was a leatherjacket tournament unless u could read japanese?

anyway, doesnt matter.


We obviously have some talented raiders to be able to pick up the japanese.

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...a Leatherjacket tournament!

Here's the link...but its in Japanese


the fish is kawahagi, in english Thread-sail filefish

If you click around the site, daiwa even has specialised gear for it.

Apparently they eat them sashimi, don't think i'll do the same locally

Hey Musty.....Tan the Fisherman's partner in Criminology here!!! Yeah, I tried to log onto the link as well but now video streaming happened; so as I cannot speak the language, I could not navigate either :thumbdown: Cheers FWAFF63 (Glen)

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I don't know japanese either. I wish i did so i could act like a local and get all the good stuff. The japanese are funny, even though their products have reached all corners of the globe, they will always keep the best to themselves.

But for the interested, the japanese written language is made up of 'kanji', 'hiragana' and 'katakana'. Kanji is same as chinese and the meanings are exact or very close to each other. Hiragana is their own alphabet. Katakana are just written sounds making up words they don't have in their own vocabulary. Best example is 'リール', which is pronounced 'reel' but think of it in a japanese accent. That's the basic anyways.

The point of this is, i can read Kanji...you guessed it. I'm chinese. So i read the kanji bits and guess the rest of what i think its suppose to mean.

Anyways, just wanted to show how fish crazy the japanese are. We find leatheries annoying, yet they can turn it into an art form. To them a fish is a fish no matter what species or size, they still find it fun just fishing.

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i think its amazing watching japanese fisherman... so dedicated. A japanese tourist was fishing off the rocks next to me the other day, he had absolute top of the range gear, full safety gear and an apprentice to bait and rig up (his wife), but he was targeting butter bream n angel fish.

he spoke little english, but i got talking to him and he had an absolute passion for fishing.

nice guy.



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yer at the last kingfish social at clifton gardens their was a japense bloke fishing of the wharf standing next us.... had all the top quality diawa gear, morethan branzino and a luvias who literally was catching squid for about 8 hours straight.....


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Apparently they eat them sashimi, don't think i'll do the same locally

Hey Scotty,

Leatherjacket sashimi is really good.

Sliced very thin and eaten with ponzu sauce. Its not unlike the deadly Fugu (puffer fish).

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