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Ideas On Epirb Location And Mounting Methods


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Now that I have got one of these EPIRB's (GME MT403G) was wondering how some Fishraiders went about locating and mounting them.

What I am looking at is that there will be a lot of occasions that the boat will be left unattended, i.e. Caravan parks, front of houses etc and not in a secure state.

I figure I can bolt the EPIRB mount in the boat and remove the EPIRB from its mount everytime I wish to secure it away from the unsavoury types, but I get the feeling that the plastic mount won't last being flexed to often.

Somebody suggested just to leave it in its box and cart it in and out of the boat as needed ......

Any other idea's would be greatly appreciated ....


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Gary I'm currently carrying mine in the box , in my fishing bag. Other have a safety bag which includes itams like flares , torch ,mirror etc.

This is not ideal as if the boat tips over or begins to sink then the bag could go to bottom with the boat.

Assume the worst cast situation. Boat hits an object & begins to sink , or the boat flips over.

For the latter , the Epirb would need to be accessable from under water , ie some one swims under & grabs the unit .

Due to the weight of the motor the rear will most likely go down first so somewhere up the front close to the gunnal.

As there are many variations to boat design it is difficult to say where the best spot would be on your boat.

In essence which is the most accessable place if the boat flips over


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Put it in the best spot next to the helm well clear. Wouldn't want to say it but it ain't going to pop out in swell or anything so "touching up the bracket " so it would float free wouldn't hurt. That way if the boat sinks it floats and goes off automatically. Brackets will be cheap to replace. Make sure it is listed on your boat insurance as it is an expensive item at full retail not the discount you bought it at and if a thief takes it ( like mine ) just report it and if it ever shows up they will know it's stolen. Hopefully AMSA can put up alist of all stolen ones so they are even more useless and wortless to the thieves.

Stuff in bags sinks - I think for a boat ebirb it has to be mounted to be considered as safety equipment so in a bag unless it is a 2nd one will get you a ticket in a bad mood day. Was rules about it being within a distance from the helm but I think it is now just "easily accessable" - and that is up to interpretation

Thee should be a extra charge on scum who steal safety gear.

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where the hell do you put it in an open center console?

I was going to keep it in my bright yellow safety cylinder with flares, vsheet, etc... take it out and sit it in a fishing tub when we are at sea so if anything happens it is free and floating and easy to grab

They would have to be pretty ruthless to fine you for not having it mounted... its probably safer to have it on hand in the cockpit anyway. Pel you reckon you would really get fined for that?

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I am having the same problem of where to put the epirb, having a certre console myself, maybe I was thinking of putting it on the underside of the seat that way all you have to do is get up and lift the lid and up it comes otherwise, the only other alternative is to have a 2 ml plate 120mm wide with one end bent to anchore near the radio and attach the epirb bracket to that. Actually that is not a bad idea now that I have thought about it.


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