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Harbour Flathead In Winter


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Hi all,

With me having the week off next week I'm planning on doing a bit of fishing on at least one of those days. The idea is to target flatties in the harbour, most probably middle harbour with plastics. I had reasonable success over summer targetting them in the upper reaches of middle harbour over last summer but i haven't had a go at them this winter.

I know the water's probably near its coldest at the moment up that way but is it still worth a go at the flatties up there at this time of year or are they more likely to be in the lower rather than upper reaches? Any feedback or opinions would be appreciated.


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I can't tell if you have a boat or not from your post.

If you do, there have been some not too far off south head.

Drifting from the headland to Rosa gully and beyond.

My sounder is broken so I can't tell you what sort of depths they have been in.

There are some good patches with most of the fish I've pulled in around the 50 cm mark.

Good luck.



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Yeah I should have mentioned I'm land based. I generally fish the upper reaches of Middle Harbour which during summer the flats and holes generally hold reasonably good numbers of flatties but I haven't been up there for a number of months. Up until then those areas were still fishing ok. Are the flatties likely to hang around those upper reaches during the winter or do they head downstream looking for deeper and warmer water?

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