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Gulp Jerk Shads


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I got some 5" Gulp Jerk shads for my birthday and was wondering how you use them. Do you cast and retrieve while twitching the rod like you do with the other sps?

Mate, they're my "go to" lure right now for jews!

For Jew give the lure lots of action close to the bottom and for Flatties in Winter slow retrieve with the occasional twitch.

One important thing to remember is to make sure when you put the jighead on, is to ensure it doesn't spin in the water, test it first and redo it if required.

Hope this helps.


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G'day mate, with the jerk shads which I use mostly for flatties, there is a little nobby bit at the hook entry part, if you snip 2-3 mills off with your braid scissors the jig head you use will fit snuggly against the plastic, also I prefer to use the darter style jighead as it makes it look great in the water..

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G'day Lasty,

Don't know if you have goggles and a snorkel, but the best way to work out how to use them is to take a look at how small baitfish move. They don't swim along steadily, they tend to dart and pause... hugging the bottom, structure of in schools.

Try to think about making your placcie move the same way and that will get you started.

Cheers, Slinky

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