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Hair Tails In Cowan?


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Dale, if you want Jew and Bream get down to Parra or Lane Cove Rivers- one of my mates got a 15kg + jew to within 5m of a sharf on 8lb until it bit through the leader only 2 nights ago on the run out.

Sorry cannot tell you location as I have sworn to secrecy but I can guarantee you it WAS on Parra River not very far from Gladesville, but not in Gladesville and it was from a wharf...

They are out there, just gotta find a spot and chuck out with some nice fresh Squid or live yakka- and maybe chuck around some SP's for the Bream

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OK swordfisherman

my mate Dave lives on Cowan creek, he has fished there every night for the last 3 weeks and hadnt landed ANYTHING.

Has tried SP's, live mulet, live yakkas, mullet slabs, fresh squid and pillies + prawns

Do I have to explain using google earth now??? :tease:

Maybe a few Geography and Biology lessons are in store...

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