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Finally The Drought Breaks

Michael Hatte

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Decided to fish for blackfish today with a couple of friends, the weather loooked perfect and the tides were spot on to try some old spots around como,woronora and Illawong..

Meet the boys at Sylvania boat ramp at around 8 and after a shocking effort in a blackfish comp the previous weekend we were all Itchin to find out where these blackfish were hiding...

Starting fishing in the Woronora river first up and things were looking bad, we could'nt loose a bait!!!

Next stop was Como Bridge usually a hot spot if you can get your drift right, Well we got our drift right and still managed a big fat ZERO!!!

Things were looking alot like the previous week :mad3:

We decided to move up the river and try new areas, stoped at lurgarno for a couple drifts in a well know blackfish spot

We started to loose baits but the fish were very shy and we were starting to get very frustrated, Not a single fish in the bag and we were approching 3 hours for O

I swapped rods and started to fish soft plastics, the tide had just about stopped and we near a good spot to try for a jew.

No luck on the jew this time but we were here for blackfish so we poped around the corner and fished an area where we used to fish years ago.

The tide had just started to run out and the first couple handfulls of burley went over the side, first baits went in and all our floats disappeared, 2 nice fish landed and the morning was quickly forgotten.... :thumbup:

We fished the same area for the next 2.5 hours for a total of 12 nice healthy Blackies in the keeper net, 4 fish brushing the 35cm mark and the rest around 30cm. A very nice run of fish and only a couple undersize fish returned to river.

Feeling good with our catch we call it quits and made our way back to sylvania....

Anyone planning a fish for blackfish i would strongly recommend you head up river, we fished around Alfords point today and by reading other posts there are good catches further up to....

Cheers, Michael.post-10930-1249807095_thumb.jpg

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great read mate, some great fish there, i found last tuesday there were heaps around como but so small, it was like there was a day care centre down there.. thanx for a great informative report.

cheers livebait :1fishing1:

Edited by live bait!!
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Great report mate.

Was that you blokes with 3 on board downstream of como with the plastics?

Looked familiar but all tinnies on the river are similar so i wasnt sure.

Good to see you brought home a good feed. Couldnt have picked a more perfect day to be out aye.



Hey mate, yeh fishing with 3 aboard Yesterday.

I thought it was you flicking near us but was'nt certain, I know you boat now so i come over for a chat next time..

Not wrong about a cracker day on the water. I will drop you a message later on during the week, im heading out for an afternoon sesson to chase some jew.

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