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Snapper Tactics


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Sorry if the title is misleading. I don't have any snapper tactics to share but I was looking to start a thread on Snapper fishing. Its winter at the moment and thought now is a good time to bring home some snapper to feed the family.

All my snapper have been Jew fishing by-catches. They usually hit the big yakka fillets I place out for Jew. Even the small snapper will take a big 5/0 hook so there are greedy fish.

I find them fun to catch because they punch above their weight.

If anyone has any tips on catching big Snapper in the open ocean I would be keen to hear from you.


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G'day wttmrwolf. The best tips and help I found was in the "Articles" section (see the link in the top banner). There is some great stuff there by Ross Hunter and Ken Alexander. Ross Hunter's website has heaps on it too as well as some great pictures.



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