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Advice On Bali Charter


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hay guys headin over to bali this friday again this yeah last time had some luck on small blue fin tuna around 10kg i was wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction (pm me) for a good charter realy want to catch some mahi mahi tuna ect as the last charter very average lucky i had my own rapala lures, never leave home without them :1prop:

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I hooked a sail on a dive trip off Lembongan. Other than that just skip jack. I chartered a big boat (30 foot inboard wood) waste of money. I did see a school of 5 or so good size y/fin while diving at Lembongan and the currents between the 2 islands looks very fishy.

WE brought our own lures , halcos, rapalas, smaller skirts.

Sorry cant help you more.

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