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Hi fellow raiders,

I am curious to know if there are any squidding spots over in Malabar Beach area.

Looking at Google Map, there seem to be a small area for lowering boats into the water on the right hand side of the beach. Other than that, doesn't seem to see any area that can squid landbased.

Does any raiders happen to know if there are squids there?

I was 'told' that there's a jetty/wharf in Malabar Beach area and juz 2 - 3m above water and a weed bed in front. Does anyone happen to know anything that matches the above description, though not alot, but that's pretty much what I was told.

Also, would anyone be keen to share any possible squidding spots?

Very much appreciated.


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I happen to know that there are squids there.

But like any spot, it is hit and miss. Some days they're around and others they aren't. But if you stick to the basic squidding rules you will be unlucky not to catch a couple.

Best bet is to head down and flick a few jigs and see how you go. That's how I found out what was on offer.

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i've never caught squid the but alond all the rocks and all the weeds there are soo many cuttlefish that even when ur using squid strip they'll fish and grab on to the bait... be careful of the swell... its usually very calm but hav seen people get pulled in it went from call to nasty

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Get down there and have a go is the best advice. I've gone ok there but prefer Lapa for my squid expeditions - land based. One of my good mates got a thumper from Malabar last year.

Any place where there is a mixed weed / sand / seagrass area is worth checking out for these. Land based is more tricky than boat based i can tell you. But the challenge makes it all that much more rewarding.

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