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Flick Stick


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G'day mate ive been using a berkly IM6 Dropshot rod now for over a year and im very impressed, its around the 7foot mark and is rated 2-4kg. Matched with a 2500 series reel..

I use the rod for pretty much all my lure fishing, Rat kings,Bream,flatties and Jews...

Nice length and light tip for casting lightly weighted lures but with still heaps strength in the butt to control them.

Should be able to pick it up for under 90 bucks. Spend your $$$ on the reel and you'll be sorted.

I run a 4kg braid and just change the leader when your targeting different fish.

What ever you chose mate go as light as possible because your going to be casting for hours and hours.

Hope the info helps

Regards, Michael.

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Depends what you want to chase with it lasty, but I got a 2-5kg T-Curve on Hodgey's advice and it's one of the most versatile little flick sticks I have... throws bass lures, bream lures, small plastics, 5" placcies for flatties, small metals, etc. Its the rod I grab whenever I go for a quick flick down at the local estuary without my boat too.

Cheers, Slinky

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