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Go Fish New Store


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By chance I happened to be in Sydney today and managed to be the first official customer of Go Fish's new store. :thumbup: It's just up the road from where they used to be in Dural.

Pete, Heather, Chuck and Sean all looked pretty frazzled but still shared a coffee with me as they kept putting final touches on organising their new layout. Unfortunately for my wallet, the new layout makes it far too easy to check out all the lovely bright, shiny things. I now have a new Okuma Solterra SLR10L... a small, light, lever drag with a level wind for Little Slinky to hopefully use to connect with a baby Gold Coast Black Marlin this summer. :1fishing1:

The new store is great... much more open than the previous layout even though it looks like there's even more stock. It's a bit of a problem having them so close to our Sydney office. Have to find new and inventive hiding places in my briefcase for odd shaped packages. :biggrin2:

Well done on the move team... great effort in a short time to get it all ready just for me this morning. Thanks for the coffee... and whoever made those brownies is welcome to send some up to the Gold Coast. Hope the move is great for you.

Cheers, Slinky

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I am lucky (or unlucky) enough to live 5 minutes from go fish and witnessed there move over the last week as i drove past a few times, and i must say they got it all out quicker than i was expecting. It was funny seeing pete taking the sign down on tuesday (i think)

Congrats on the move and hope to visit the store soon, i only avoid going in cos every time i do i spend $$$. Now the store is even closer to me!!! :1prop:

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