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What Are Raiders Doing This W/end?


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G'day all.

I was just wondering what you are all getting up to this w/end.

Any fishing trips planned?

I'll be fishing for Snapper off the Gold Coast with Slinky tommorow. :yahoo:

Because of that I'll be working all day Sunday! :1badmood:

Whatever you are doing have a safe & enjoyable w/end on & off the water.



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I'll be fishing with some amateur bloke... I'll probably have to spend the day rigging his gear, baiting his hooks and getting the yukky, wriggly, slimy 'fishies' off the hook for him. And then the bugger is likely to outfish me anyway.... GRRRRR! :tease:

Hope we've got something to report tomorrow night. Have a great and safe weekend Raiders.

Cheers, Slinky

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Another weekend with the boat off the water! :1badmood:

Just got told the new sounder module has no power, being a friday arvo they can't get a replacement till next week! If they don't hurry I'm going to use the money on another trip to get me threw till it's ready! :mad3:

Might have to visit desperate and boatless soon.....


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Hey all,

Im planning to go for a early morning fish on sunday.

Plan is to hit pittwater at 6, go for a troll outside and then get back inside before the wind picks up. Might have a fish inside for some flathead/bream.

Goodluck to all the raiders that have a fishing trip planned and looking forward to reading all the reports :biggrin2:

Cheers Young Gun


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yeh ill be hitting up pittwater as well

going to get on the cans tonight so i dont no what time ill go tomorrow but im sure ill get out there

i just dropped a small fortune on some new lures and vibes so will be doing some trolling around palme headland maybe hit up some reefs

then later in the day head down juno point and test out these new vibes around some oyster leases and give the flats a good run in hope of some flattys for the table

enjoy your weekend what ever you get up too


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