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Plastics Fishing For The Blind


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Had a quick yak sesh in the harbour on the runup casting plastics under boats. The wind blew up a bit at one stage making the water choppy and with the light at some angles it was impossible to see my line. I ended up opting to cast, wait a couple of seconds and then strike and try pot luck. 5th cast doing this, whatdya know, I pull up solid on a nice fish. He gave me a bit of grief, but I gave him more and netted a 31cm bream. Got a couple of pics and sent him packing. Only one for the day, but it's all I needed to scratch the itch :biggrin2: Funny that all the time I could see the line I never got one bump.


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That's a great fish there.

Interesting about fishing blind - I wonder sometimes if bream takes are so subtle that you end up missing them without even knowing. I've found sometimes when I do a jiggle retrieve (constant tapping of the rod tip) I sometimes feel some weight and strike and it's usually a bream at the end of it.

What lure did the damage?

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Nice breambo there, YF! Well done! Always pays to think outside the square & try new things!! :)

I haven't been out in the yak in a coons age. Hope to rectify that tomorrow! :1prop: High tides in the morning again.


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