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Big Cairns Sail


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post-2937-1250245677_thumb.jpgHello Raiders,

Here is a couple of photos I tought I might send down to you. This is a big Sail we caught on Tuesday out at Jenny Louise off Cairns onboard 'BillFish'. We have been getting a few little blacks and the odd Sail lately and start our tournament season next weekend. This fish here is a really good example of a big sail, in fact the best one I have got out of Cairns. I caught one much bigger when I was over in the Maldives which I still think may have been an all tackle record, (I'll have a look through the photos and find it and post it up), but even so this is a good Sail, I reckon every bit of 100 - 110lb+ fish, does any one agree?

Cheers - Bat


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Well done on the Big sail definately 50kg , Its big fish country up there , this fish was also taken up that way and was released and fought twice as hard a black of 100kg that i caught the day before.......


cheers Dogtooth ..... :1fishing1: John... :beersmile:

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Awesome fish boys well done..


What about that huge one we caught at Pt Stephens in the early 80's It took two baits and we estimated it at 70kg. Do you remember I also caught another in '69 off Broughton Island, but it was small and they are the only two up there. However we did catch one off Sydney, you may have been on deck at the time I took a head rigged tailor off Coogee... Well done up in the land of the tropics


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