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Middle Harbour 14/08/2009


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Went down with all the info even though the tide was not ideal to give it a go.

Got onto the water 8:00 and tried the sandy Beach opposite the ramp with a plastic in Killer Tomato but no luck.

Pulled up under the bridger and cast a few plastic and a couple of blades still no luck.

Had some salted Bonito on the other line in case something just happened along but zero.

Paddled further upstream and tried several areas but not a thing. Tried everything bar dynamite and nothing. Did not see any movement in the water at all.

There was a fisho in a boat near the bridge but he was having no luck as well.

On way back there was guy taking his new Hobie out and giving it a run. Chatted and he said that he had been talking to a Kayak dealer who had a stall at the Sydney boat show and he said they had taken deposits for about 80 and they hope to hit the 100 mark after the undecided test them.

The sport is definitely on the increase.

But all was not lost, it was a beautiful day on the water and a greart day for a paddle. It's hard to believe that this area is in the middle of Sydney.

Have attached a few shots from the Kayak




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Looks great from the pics wobbler.

Dont feel bad on not getting any keepers as its just MH ATM.

Cold and pretty dead.

We have been getting plenty of baitfish closer to the spit but thats about it.

Once the water cracks about 17C things should start to improve.


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