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Hawksbury 15/8/09

D Clark

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Hi everyone

Have been fishing the lower reachers of the Hawksbury over the last couple of weeks.Talking to the other boaters at the ramps, and through my own experance things have been preaty slow.To be honst Ive been coming back with nothing, its becoming abit embarsing and quite a joke with my wife and kids.

This weekend I was determined to bring something home armed with plastics, bait and even awire leatherjacket rig. I wasnt coming home empty handed. The plan was to throw the plastics around Danger Island for an hour or two, if nothing head to juno and then into Pitwater if everything ealse failed.

The boat was in the water just as the tide turned and begun running in. The sun was out and the day looked like it would be a cracker. As the first plastic hit the water I wandered if I was going to be joke at the dinner table again tonight, on the fifth cast my line pulled up tight and line begin peeling from my reel,must admit I had it on woosy drag. After a few good runs a 33cm bream came to the surface ready to be netted.

With renewed enthusiasm the rest of the run in tide was spent casting plastics. The final tally was one Bream, three keeper Flathead, five under size Flathead, two Flounder and dropped two ? So tonight dinners on me. I still have a bit of catching up to do, guess I have to go again next weekend


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Great job mate,

I went fishing in pittwater today, started off beautiful at 6 but a little bit of wind picked up mid morning.

I came home with nothing to show. The only catches for the day were - a small bream, a flyingfish?? i think, and 2 undersized rock cod. Good to know that someone was into the fish today ^-^.

Cheers Young Gun


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At least you had a day on the water. It's a really clean system but it can get frustrating at times when the action slows down.

The way I fish there, if there is not action within 10-15 minutes, I'm off to try a different spot, no use wasting time when you're trying to get a feed on.

Some of my Bream spots are tops one day and then quite the next.... you've gotta keep on the move. Some of my favourite Bream spots you only get a few cast before the fish wise up... so I creep up to them with the electric, flick a lure at rock (I mean literally at a rock, like a back board in basket ball) and hope I get nailed, a very effecting battle plan that usually gets me a decent feed, recently though it's been the Blackies surprising me hitting the small grubs.

Years back my mate always caught nothing while out on the Hawkesbury, his Fiancée genuinely suspecting him of cheating or lying about where he's been because he never took any fish home. :biggrin2:

I gave him a flattie once to get him out of trouble.


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Good going to land some flatties from the cold water.

I was at Flint and Steel for nothing today; not even flatties at my usual spot.

Did land 4 blind sharks (one of them had cut off my line earlier in the day and came ashore on its second bite with the first hook & trace also in its mouth). They fight like a series of bad snags - just trying to hide in holes along the bottom and not much swimming or fun. Great little barks from them as they protested being ashore for a minute. But no other bites or even nibbles.

I was the only one there all morning, apart from 4 boats catching nothing, so I guess that far down is shut down due to the cold water.

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