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Summer Already


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Went out for a quick snapper fish off Long Reef yesterday and found the place covered with sea birds (particularly those tiny little delicate grey birds you find way offshore). Assumed the the fish on the surface were salmon but those surface smashes looked like kingies. So, threw out some soft plastics and sure enough 20 rats chased it. Forgot the snapper and in the hope of a large king trolled around for the next hour and caught a few kings (50cm, skinny and looking very hungry) and bonito. (the xrap deep divers worked the best

I thought these guys didn't show up til November? Anyway had much more fun than I expected. Hope they hang around.

PS. This is my first post and the title squid curse is not meant to be complementary. It is the title given to me by a well know fishing guide - apparently I scare the squid away.

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