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Japanese Colour Coded Braid


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Hi Raiders

Has anyone used this LR brand Japanese colour coded Dyneema braid? It sounds alright and their 200lb rated braid is supposedly good to use on big overheads ....and I've actually seen this particular braid recommended to be used instead of steel cable by the manufacturer of Australian made downriggers......and I believe this particular brand of braid is recommended to be used on manual and electric winches...


It's advertised as being Japanese made 12 strand dyneema material, and I'd say it possibly would have been finished off in China....It is described as being a very smooth braid, and having 12 strands, one would think, should perform better than the cheaper 4 strand dyneemas .... In the colour coded version, it's colour coded every 10 metres for depth estimation on the drop down and you should be able to drop a bait down close enough to the same depth where you've hooked up or fish a downrigger over a spot where you see fish at immediate depths on your sounder......

Has anyone used this dyneema braid before and would you recommend it? If it's a good Dyneema, a friend of mine is looking at getting a 1000 metre spool of 200lb which would cost a bit less than $200.00 and I'll probably get hold of 300 metres of their 80lb colour coded braid and try it out on a Penn 8500.... .....

Thanks Raiders


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Don't know the brand Byron. My advice if you can't find someone you trust with personal feedback is to be cautious. It could be really good or it could be garbage... while some fantastic braids come out of Japan, they don't have any technology or materials that are much different to the Americans, Australians or Europeans... and they all start with the same fibres. The number of 'carriers' can also be a bit of a trap.

A main advantage of 8 carrier braid is that once woven, it ends up through geometry with a round profile, 4 carrier is more square, etc. Each multiple of carriers changes the shape of the line and I'm not sure what 12 carriers would do. Might be great, might not. The quality of the base fibres will have a lot to do with smoothness, diameter (and price).

In short, hope you can try before you buy or I'd stick with the tried and true, whichever brand that may be.

Cheers, Slinky

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