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What Land-based Spots Are Firing In The Harbour At The Moment?


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Hi there raiders,

I'm planning on having a fishing session on Saturday, and I'm taking a work colleague with me, so finding somewhere that will likely produce is a must :)

My usual spots in Balmain, are fairly reliable by my standards but usually entail 6 hours of line wetting without a nibble and a thirty seconds of reeling in a single fish. I'll have a car, and will be willing to make the effort to get to a hard-to-reach place if it means lots of hits.

I'm happy to target whatever species is firing at the moment (except for leatheries, they are usually by-catch anyway!)

So if anyone has any good tips (location / species / tackle), let me know! I have rods and tackle to suit pretty much any land-based fishing, bait/lures/soft plastics.

Let's hope the glorious weather holds this weekend!

Cheers guys,


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